The Filmmakers

Judd Tilyard, Executive Producer

After receiving a scholarship to The Queensland School of Film and Television, Judd graduated in 1998, going on to direct and produce the award winning comedy shorts, HOT CRUSTY DEATH and WHALEBOAT.

Both films screened extensively on the festival circuit, their success leading to his follow up - the Roald Dahl inspired SNIFFER which was picked up for distribution by Flickerfest after screening extensively across Australia and the US, culminating with the film being selected to open for THE CASTLE at the Arclight Theatre during the inaugural Australia Week celebration, held in Los Angeles in 2004.

Judd went on to direct and produce music videos for several major labels and independent artists in Australia and Europe, before eventually moving into the feature film arena. He produced his first feature SLEEPER in 2008, starring former WWE champion ‘Raven’ and in 2010 after relocating to Toronto Canada, Judd produced his second feature BATTLEGROUND. Both films were released in 2011, whilst he was in production on his third feature TO OUR BRIGHT WHITE HEARTS.

Judd is currently Head of Production at Dimeworth Films in Toronto, Canada.

Liz Tomkins, Producer

With a background in office management, Liz transitioned into the film industry in 2007, working in the Production Office on Steven Spielberg’s THE PACIFIC, later on assisting in the Unit Department on Spielberg’s Fox Series TERRA NOVA.

Shortly after THE PACIFIC, Liz had the opportunity to step up to Production Managing a small team on the 6 week shoot for SLEEPER, starring Ex-WWE Champion ‘Raven’ and Bruce Hopkins (THE LORD OF THE RINGS, ‘Gamling’). The film was later distributed in the US and Canada by a number of outlets, most notably Verizon.

Liz worked for Limelight International on the DR WHO spin off series K9, whilst developing her own independent projects. This would lead to her producing Screen Development Australia funded short film TENDER as well as once more working with SLEEPER producer Judd Tilyard, on the short FRAME 137.

Other notable roles include Production Coordinating for Dimeworth Film’s BATTLEGROUND, and Theatrical Liason for their third feature BRIGHT WHITE HEARTS. 

Andrew C Holmes, Co-Producer

Andrew C. Holmes is an Evolutionary Anthropology graduate student currently enrolled at the University of Toronto. 

A student of both anthropology and biology, Andrew has worked as a field archaeologist for over half a decade in sites in Spain, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, and Ontario, Canada. Presently, he is researching the movement and behavior of prehistoric fossil apes from the Late Miocene epoch (approximately 10 million years ago). In addition to instructing undergraduate labs and tutorials Andrew also gives public lectures on the subject of human and primate evolution. 

Since 2008 Andrew has written a popular internet blog called Live Like Dirt where he discusses the latest findings in paleontology, archaeology, biology, and evolution. A life-long fan of all things rock and roll Andrew also frequently writes about the intersection of science and pop culture in a way that is fun, engaging, and challenging. 

When it comes to the wild and wacky world of pseudoscience and hoaxes, Andrew has a special interest in tales of Bigfoot, Yeti, among other 'Cryptid' species. Although he is not yet a believer in these mythical beasts, he keeps an open mind on such topics and approaches all new evidence with the same excited skeptical attitude. His hope is that HOAX will help encourage others to question what they read and hear, and give them some of the critical thinking tools that will help them along on this adventure.

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